• The Establishment Eason Paint Products Co. Ltd. with registered capital of THB 2.5 million to engage in the business of paint products for building.


  • Started producing paint with lacquer technology for Crown Coatings, a production technology developed by the company, and was the company’s first industrial coating product category.


  • Company raised the registered capital to THB 7.5 million. The objective was to support business expansion of industrial paint products.


  • Acquired technological know-how for motorcycle coatings from Nippon Oil & Fats Co., Ltd. (“NOF”) which afterwards is being known as BASF Coatings Japan.
  • Set up a subsidiary company in corporation with BASF Coatings Japan and Miki & Co. Japan through the establishment of NOF (Thailand) Co., Ltd (NTL) to engage in the business of distributing motorcycle paints


  • The company changed its Thai name, while English name was continuing with Eason Paint Products Co., Ltd.


  • Acquired technological know-how for plastic coating for parts of appliance, communication gadget and interior plastic parts for automotive.
  • Relocate production base to a new factory in Panthong District Chonburi Province.


  • Joined Responsible Care under Chemical Club, The Federation of Thai Industries for business principle “Responsible Care”.
  • Established a joint venture company in corporation with Origin Electric Japan and Miki (Thailand) through the establishment of Origin Miki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (OMT) to engage in the business of production and distribution of plastic coatings.
  • Collaborated with INX International to engage in the business of printing ink for soft drinks cans beer and beverage cans as part of product line expansion.


  • The company registered to change its name from Eason Paint Products Co., Ltd. to Eason Paint PCL with the registered capital Baht 200 million, and became listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


  • Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholder adopted a resolution approving an additional increase in authorised capital of THB 107 million, thus bringing total registered capital to THB 307million by re-issuing 107 million of new ordinary shares for exercising of warrants.
  • Increased proportion of shareholding in Origin Miki (Thailand) Co., Ltd., then changed its name to Origin Eason Paint Co., Ltd.
  • Established a subsidiary company, Eason Urai Paint Company Limited (“EUP”), located in Noi Bai Industrial Zone, Hanoi, Vietnam, to be the manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle coatings and others industrial paints.


  • Entered a business cooperation agreements with BASF (Thai) Ltd. (“BTL”) for having rights in motorcycle paint manufacturing and serving coating market in ASEAN with distribution of BTL.
  • Established a subsidiary company, Bright Blue Water Cooperation Limited (“BBW”), to distribute and provide service of water and air filtering machine.
  • Eason Urai Paints Company Limited “EUP”; has entered into business cooperation agreement with BASF (Vietnam) Ltd. (“BVL”) for having rights in motorcycle paint manufacturing in Vietnam.


  • Established a subsidiary company, PT Eason Indonesia, with aim to be the manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle paint and others industrial paints in Indonesia
  • Established a subsidiary company in Malaysia, Eason Far East Sdn. Bhd, with aim to be the distributor of industry paints, and also to expand market base
  • Reduced share holding proportion in Bright Blue Water Corporation Ltd. by selling ordinary share, in this regards, Bright Blue Water Corporation Ltd. is no longer the subsidiary company


  • Increased registered capital by issuing 252.53 million new ordinary shares to reserve for dividend stock, TSR (EASON-T1) and warrants (EASON-W2). The company has current registered capital as the amount of 567.08 million baht, and paid-up capital as the amount of 566.76 million baht
  • The company invested in Advance Power Conversion Co., Ltd. (APCON), which operates the engineering system design and supply, machine installation, especially the operation of renewable energy power plant with biomass energy from Refuse-derived fuel (RDF), and managing and maintenance power plant for both government and private or organisations
  •   Joined the establishment of All S Holding Co., Ltd., which aims to invest in automobile assembly business, public transportation services and related application for public transportation business
  • Upgraded production line by ECRS best practice implementation for consistent and environmental friendly. It is able to reduce about 20% of supplies used related to production line

2020 - current

  • The company registered to change its name from Eason Paint Public Company Limited to Eason & Co Public Company Limted
  • Joined establishment of C.A.S. Green Energy Co., Ltd. (“CAS”), which aim to invest in the business engaging in power plant. CAS will be a new channel to expand business, and revenue source to the company



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