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Eason Urai Paint Company Limited ("EUP")

EUP is a cooperation between Eason, Urai Panich (Decorative paints manufacturer), and Thai shareholder; which is engaging in manufacturing the motorcycle paints and other industrial coatings; it is located in an industrial estate of Noibai, Hanoi, Vietnam. The company is a toll manufacturer for BASF (Vietnam) Company Limited ("BVL") which is selling and distributing the paints to the motorcycle industry in Vietnam.

PT. Eason Indonesia ("EI")

EI was established in April 2013 in Indonesia with aims to be the manufacturer and distributor motorcycle paint and others industrial paints in Indonesia. The company is a toll manufacturer for BASF (Indonesia) Limited who is seller and distributor the paints to the motorcycle industry in Indonesia.

Eason Far East Sdn. Bhd. ("EFE")

EFE was established in January 2014 in Malaysia with aim to be distributor of packaging coatings, inks, and other Industrial paints for expansion market base in the future. The company holds 60%, and Singaporean shareholder holds the rest of 40%. EFE started deliver goods to customer since September 2014.

Origin Eason Paint Company Limited (“OEP”)

OEP is a joint venture between 3 parties which are Origin Electric Plc (Japan), Eason, and Miki (Thailand), the company is the manufacturer of coatings for automotive, electrical appliances and plastic with Origin’s know how of which its customers are both Thai and Japanese OEM; where Miki (Thailand) is a marketing channel for OEP.

Advance Power Conversion Company Limited (“APCON”)

APCON was established in 2012, operates the engineering system design and supply, machine installation, managing and maintenance power plant construction for both government and private organisations; especially the operation of renewable energy power plant with biomass energy from Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) to generate electricity and use in industrial plant. Such operations are in line with the direction of renewable energy and clean technology management which have been being supported by the government.


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